Who is the world’s best teacher? There are so many teachers we have come across in our lives, right from kinder garden to our post graduation. Every single teacher has taught us a particular subject and also with the subject a few life lessons. Those life lessons are the unforgettable lessons of our life.

We all have come around various teachers in our lives. Every teacher has a way of teaching and that makes her unique from the others. We all have a favourite teacher,don’t we? And that favourite teacher always resides in our hearts and her blessings have been showered on us always, no matter how distant we might be.

What do you think is the name of the world’s best teacher? Is he/she the world’s most famous teacher? Have you guessed the teacher’s name by now? The answer to all your questions is the world’s best teacher has a one-word name. Every single person on this planet earth dislikes his/her name and has come across him/her atleast once or many times in their life. Who is it?

Is the suspense over? The mystery is yet to be solved. According to me, the world’s best teacher is failure. Yes, you read it right. Its failure. We all have encountered with failure atleast once in our lives, but do we ever treat is as our teacher? No,we don’t think of it this way. We always think of failure as just passby period( *which isn’t a bad thing). But I think that failure is the world’s best teacher, because failure teaches you a lot of things when it approaches you in life.

When we fail at something in our lives, we feel bad(*which is a natural human tendency), then we try to understand the reason why we failed in the particular task, we find reasons for our failure. We slow and steadily accept the fact that we have failed and go deep in the problem and understand what are the mistakes we have committed and we study our mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and decide never to repeat them again and then we start again. Thus,failure teaches us a lot of things, like reasoning our problems, finding the cause of it and then figuring out soultions to deal with them. It gives you the courage to accept your own mistakes, learn from them, improve in life and become a better version of yourself. Every time we fail, we learn a new lesson.

Failure is the world’s best teacher (*according to me) and it teaches us the most valuable lessons of our life. It helps us grow mentally stronger in our life. I think that we get to learn and make oursleves better from every single failure we face.

If you have survived till here,Congatulations. Here’s your reward : A proverb,which says


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