What is the world’s best gift, according to you? Readers reading this will answer : It depends upon on the person you are giving the gift to. So you tell us about the person’s likings and dislikings and we will gift him the best possible gift accordingly. I would agree to all the readers who are thinking this.

We human beings always gift our loved ones the best possible gift. For e.g., it could be a watch, a purse, a book,accessories,etc. No matter how good your gift is but its a materialistic thing (*P.S. I am not against the materialistic gifts). According to me, the world’s best gift is the gift which will always have a special place in your loved ones heart, i.e the time you dedicate to them. Yes, my dear friends world’s best gift is the time that you dedicate to your loved ones. Because no matter how expensive or how cheap a gift is, the person will always remember the memories you have made with them. At the end of the day, all the materialistic things won’t be buried with you. Materialistic things will remain with you throughout the life-time however when you recall the memory of a person,you start recollecting all the memories you have made with them, the time you have spent with them.

The lock-down is going on currently and we are sitting in our houses. I strongly believe in this saying,“Everything happens for a reason”. In this situation, all we can do is spare a few minutes from our busy schedules and call our loved ones and talk to them and remember the memories we have made together(*visit the flash backs once again).

Thank you so much for reading my work. It really means a lot to me. Keep supporting and keep smiling. Stay home,stay safe and stay tuned. Take care.

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