What are the little things we miss every single day? Readers must be thinking, it would be one or two basic tasks, every single person forgets something or the other. I partially agree to readers but I am not just talking about tasks, its about little bits of happiness we fail to witness in our present moments.

We have got so busy in our lives. Some people are stuck with work, some with studies,some are bound by difficulties and many more reasons to justify our busyiness. In the era of social media, people upload tons and tons of their smiling photos. But is the smile behind the screen real? I think its easy to act happy and pretend things on social media but difficult to be happy from within.

Often we show the world that we are happy, but are we really happy? I believe that happiness comes from within, it can’t be pretended. Becuase if you are pretending,then you aren’t just fooling people around you, but yourself as well.I think one should have the attitude of gratitude, little things to apprecite and empathy towards other people and you reach halfway there. I think that if you are happy,then you can make people around you smile.

One should have gratitude, because its keeps us grounded and down-to-earth from within. There are so many little things which we miss in our day to day lives, which if we start noticing can make a huge difference. We should start appreciate people for their efforts. For example: Appreciate your mom for the food she has made and then see the happiness on her face, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness from within.When you appreciate someone, he/she feels good and it boosts their confidence.

Another example, compliment someone. If you notice someone around you and he/she is wearing a nice top. Give him/her a compliment and in return you get a happy face. These are the bits of happiness you will get if you start appreciating little things around you.(*Plus this has another advantage : If you compliment someone, the other person would feel happy that you notice them.)

These are the little things we usually miss. The message I want to convey through this blog is that we should start appreciating little things in our lives, always be thankful for whatever we have in our lives and have empathy.

Happy to know that you have survived till the end. Here’s your reward on reading the blog completely. There is a quote said by Abraham Lincoln:

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Thank you so much for reading my work. It really means a lot to me. Keep supporting and keep smiling. Stay home,stay safe and stay tuned. Take care.

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