A letter to my crush

Before you go ahead, this blog is fictional.

Dear crush,

Heyyyy handsome. We met each other the first time on a zoom call in the college event, I just felt like my heart skipped a bit. The very first thought that rushed in my mind was you will be my reason to attend the further event zoom calls. I am usually not nervous but seeing you made me a little bit. I was so excited and nervous at the same time to speak, the moment you told my name Shreya, I smiled in my heart and then started speaking. I fumbled a lot while speaking, but at last, when I was done there was a slight yet cute smile on your face and that was a relief to my heart.

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I love you. I have heard a lot in my friends and in general, as well, that crushes don’t easily say a yes, but for you, I have a hope in my heart that you will say yes to me. As I started attending more and more events on the zoom call, you made me believe in the word ‘love’ again. I didn’t speak up much in the call as I am shy by default but I widened the curve on my face whenever you spoke something. With each passing zoom call, my heart started falling for you.

I have realised one thing after meeting you, that happiness isn’t just limited to achieving goals. A person can be happy at the moment, looking at you when you smile makes me happy. In simple words, your smile is the definition of my happiness.

You are really special to me, my crush. Although my brain hates you so much because your picture annoys him while he is doing his job of thinking. Thank you so much for coming in my life. My love for you is infinite and isn’t just limited to one letter.

Yours truly,






I think and believe that a reader completes the writer. Writer’s put their heart and soul in completing work, they put everything they have in their work. I think in the end everything looks worth it when a reader finds the story adding a value, learning to his life.

So today my purpose of writing this blog is quite simple. My first work, my first short story is getting published in an anthology named Road to the lighthouse by Alchove Publishers. The image below is the cover page of anthology.

As I think a reader completes a writer. I want your love and support for this work, as you are all my family. I would love to have each one of your opinions particularly on my story, I know this sounds so selfish after all anthology means the collection of short stories, how mean writer I am? To be very honest, I am stating here precisely my story because I wish to know your opinion on it. It would help me grow as a writer, it would help me understand various aspects a writer and knowing different perspectives is such a nice thing.

The blurb of the short story is as follows:

Should we focus on participation or rather the outcomes? Olivia is a young struggling writer who is anxious, nervous and Derek on the other hand is exactly the opposite, calm-minded person, romantic in his way. Two different minds tied with the strings of the heart. A journey filled with pain, pleasure, stress, nervousness, anxiety and last but not the least, a sprinkle of romance.

If you like the blurb, make sure you pre-order the anthology right away. This story won’t let your hopes down, it will fill your life by adding value to it. Trust me and pre-order right away.

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I need your love and support for my short story guys, it would really help me a lot. Make sure you pre-order the book and read the entire story.

Also, since its an anthology there are many more awesome writers contributing their work in this amazing anthology, so you are definitely going to enjoy and learn something from the lovely short stories and poems.

You can connect with me through Connect with the real persever page, if you have any doubts regarding the pre-order process, let me know in the comments,or through my contact details I will be happy to help you with the pre-order.Also, any suggestions or feedback for my blog, be free to contact me.

Once you are done pre-ordering the anthology, please let me know in the comments or through any of my contact details as it will help me to keep a track. Make sure you pre-order it right away.




What are the little things we miss every single day? Readers must be thinking, it would be one or two basic tasks, every single person forgets something or the other. I partially agree to readers but I am not just talking about tasks, its about little bits of happiness we fail to witness in our present moments.

We have got so busy in our lives. Some people are stuck with work, some with studies,some are bound by difficulties and many more reasons to justify our busyiness. In the era of social media, people upload tons and tons of their smiling photos. But is the smile behind the screen real? I think its easy to act happy and pretend things on social media but difficult to be happy from within.

Often we show the world that we are happy, but are we really happy? I believe that happiness comes from within, it can’t be pretended. Becuase if you are pretending,then you aren’t just fooling people around you, but yourself as well.I think one should have the attitude of gratitude, little things to apprecite and empathy towards other people and you reach halfway there. I think that if you are happy,then you can make people around you smile.

One should have gratitude, because its keeps us grounded and down-to-earth from within. There are so many little things which we miss in our day to day lives, which if we start noticing can make a huge difference. We should start appreciate people for their efforts. For example: Appreciate your mom for the food she has made and then see the happiness on her face, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness from within.When you appreciate someone, he/she feels good and it boosts their confidence.

Another example, compliment someone. If you notice someone around you and he/she is wearing a nice top. Give him/her a compliment and in return you get a happy face. These are the bits of happiness you will get if you start appreciating little things around you.(*Plus this has another advantage : If you compliment someone, the other person would feel happy that you notice them.)

These are the little things we usually miss. The message I want to convey through this blog is that we should start appreciating little things in our lives, always be thankful for whatever we have in our lives and have empathy.

Happy to know that you have survived till the end. Here’s your reward on reading the blog completely. There is a quote said by Abraham Lincoln:

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Thank you so much for reading my work. It really means a lot to me. Keep supporting and keep smiling. Stay home,stay safe and stay tuned. Take care.

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Life is a journey, a journey in which we learn a variety of new things, we rise, we fall, we get up, we run, we walk and during this process, we meet different people. People that enter our lives as strangers and end up being our reason to live. We all had friends in our school life. Out of the bunch of our friends we had, some turned out to be our best friends. Taking a step ahead of friendship, we all have that one special friend in our life.

A special friend that never fails to enlighten the curve on our face. A special friend who is our forever constant in this changing world. A special friend who can handle all our mood swings. A special friend who sits beside us and takes care of our health when we fall ill. A special friend who is always there for us, no matter what the circumstances are. And a special friend who makes our broken heart believe in the magical powers of love.

People reading this must be thinking how does title justify with the paragraphs. But the answer is quite simple, love and life are two interdependent things. Life becomes meaningful when you have a companion sailing in the same boat as yours and on the other hand, love without life isn’t possible. Because if you survive, then only you will be able to take care of your loved ones.


Love and life are like a combination of two different things, or two similar ones, or two dissimilar ones or the permutations and the combinations of the two of them binding with each other. Well said, “Love is Life”. But life without love is like coffee without sugar, you can drink coffee without sugar, once you get familiar without the taste of sweetness added to it.

So basically, all I want to say here is always love your loved ones. Make it a point to make them feel special by doing something for them, any possible thing. Because happiness is hidden in the smallest things of our lives. Spend some quality time with them, crack some funny jokes and when you see the curve on their face and you being the reason behind it, is the true definition of love.

Ohh my god!!!!! So happy to see you survived till the end. Here’s your reward. A quote said by Mother Teresa which says :

“I have found the paradox,

that if you love until it hurts,

there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

Thank you so much for reading my work. It really means a lot to me. Keep supporting and Keep smiling. Stay home,stay safe and stay tuned. Take care.

If you have any suggestions regarding my blog, any queries related to my blog or you wish to connect with me, you can contact me through the Connect with the real persever page.