Why Let it go? Some readers reading this might have this question in the head. We can’t let go of every single thing. My answer to all the readers who are thinking this question in their brains is very simple. I partially agree to you that you can’t let go of everything but you can let go of some things which you have been holding in your heart for a long long time.

We face so many problems in our day to day lives and hold on to minor or major things or previous griefs. Although we act in front of the world that we have moved on and its not affecting us anymore. However some where down the line it is affecting us and we know that. You can lie to the world for once, can you lie to your inner self? No,right. I agree that the situation you are currently in is very complicated and nobody can be in your shoes and feel your pain. But the more you hold on to things in your heart, the more heavier you feel on the inside. We all have our good as well as bad times in our lives. Remember you are the person who has fought with the problem so bravely and has reached this point. I know its not easy for you. Just take a minute and ask yourself this one question, “Can I go back to the past and change the situation?”. You will get an answer from your inner self by asking this question,the reason you should let it go.

The choice lies in our hands, either let it go and feel happier,lighter on the inside or let it be inside you forever and you feel sad whenever you think about it.

What happens when we let go? It feels lighter on the inside and you feel like somebody has taken a heavy weight which was placed on your heart. You boost your self-confidence and your heart is again filled with hope.

The message I am conveying through this blog is don’t let things stay inside you. Just let it go and you will witness the changes happening in your life.

And if you have survived till the end.Here’s your reward.A quote by Tony Gaskins:

“If you can’t do anything about it


Don’t be a prisoner to things

you can’t change”

Thank you so much for reading my work. It really means a lot to me. Keep supporting and Keep smiling. Stay home,stay safe and stay tuned. Take care.

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