A letter to my crush

Before you go ahead, this blog is fictional.

Dear crush,

Heyyyy handsome. We met each other the first time on a zoom call in the college event, I just felt like my heart skipped a bit. The very first thought that rushed in my mind was you will be my reason to attend the further event zoom calls. I am usually not nervous but seeing you made me a little bit. I was so excited and nervous at the same time to speak, the moment you told my name Shreya, I smiled in my heart and then started speaking. I fumbled a lot while speaking, but at last, when I was done there was a slight yet cute smile on your face and that was a relief to my heart.

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I love you. I have heard a lot in my friends and in general, as well, that crushes don’t easily say a yes, but for you, I have a hope in my heart that you will say yes to me. As I started attending more and more events on the zoom call, you made me believe in the word ‘love’ again. I didn’t speak up much in the call as I am shy by default but I widened the curve on my face whenever you spoke something. With each passing zoom call, my heart started falling for you.

I have realised one thing after meeting you, that happiness isn’t just limited to achieving goals. A person can be happy at the moment, looking at you when you smile makes me happy. In simple words, your smile is the definition of my happiness.

You are really special to me, my crush. Although my brain hates you so much because your picture annoys him while he is doing his job of thinking. Thank you so much for coming in my life. My love for you is infinite and isn’t just limited to one letter.

Yours truly,