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Hello everyone,

A warm welcome to “MY WORKS”page. Every blogger has a purpose to blog. Various bloggers write various blogs for various purposes. So do I.

The sun continues to emit its rays ,inspite of clouds approaching him in his way,obstructing his path, still his rays continue to reach a huge number of houses. The purpose of my blog is to awaken hopes in the hearts of people. Continuing to write inspite of difficulties, because obstacles are placed by God in our paths of life to test us.

Every blog I write is a combination of my thoughts wrapped with the beautiful words and inspirational quotes. I believe that every blog of mine is my work therefore the name “MY WORKS”. The name is my works because the blogs are my original created works,not copied from any sources, they are my thoughts expressed wrapped with the beauty of words.

Thank you so much for taking your valuable time out and reading “MY WORKS”page. It really means a lot to me.

Simran Totlani


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9 thoughts on “MY WORKS

    • Thank you so much…
      It really means a lot to me…..
      PLeasure connnecting with you…😊😊
      You have an amazing blog…
      Keep supporting….Keep smiling…
      Stay home…Stay safe….
      Take care


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